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Mentorship Programs

Key for the success of a great training team or department. Putting the right people on your bus and then into the right seat is extremely important. I will help you vet out the best talent possible and organize a 90 day-mentor program that will give your employees the advantage they need to succeed. Ensure your new associates are on-boarded correctly with a designated “Helping Hand” out in the field. Automated on-boarding!

Video Library

This allows you to build your own very specific content or message unique for your company needs and brand. Let me help you get this started with filming and script writing for your conversations. Embrace the new mindset of training, discover the power of bite-sizable training messages from you and your team. Don’t forget about your service teams- create your own branded “How to Do” channel. See my Moments with Mark.

1 x 1 Training to Leasing Rallies

The fundamentals still seem to be the biggest struggle ever. Unleashing true potential doesn’t have to be a daunting task. I will spend time covering the complete sales cycle with your teams, to selling the scope and the importance of upselling in your market. Understanding what the customer wants today and how to communicate with the different generations today. How leasing with technology can be a benefit and problem to your customer service. Bring your teams together for a full day of education and fun, leasing rallies will certainly encourage team comradery and empowerment. Build an amazing company culture and a team dynamic at the same time.

Discovery & Remediation

Reviewing Shopping reports and understanding the broken link between will vs. skill. I will review your current Secret Shopping program and scores with your teams. Build expectations and consequences to ensure your benchmarks are met. Remediation training will cover the 4 fundamentals.

Training Program Curriculum & Evaluation

Let’s face it - employees are unhappy with the amount of training they are given. Are you overloading them? Most still require more or insist they haven’t gotten enough. We will review all aspects of your LMS and the functionality it possesses. Let’s discuss educational plans for each group. Let me will you entice the creative learner within yourself and your teams.  

Merchant Marketing Efforts

Times have certainly changed since I’ve been out on the streets “Outside Marketing.” Regardless, there is still a desperate need to build better relationships with the merchants in your area. The biggest problem with this task is the wrong people are deployed or terrible conservations are taking place, with little follow up. Make sure you are putting your best foot forward.

Leadership & Workshops

It’s safe to say that everything starts at the Top. Leadership is key to the success of every organization. Executive meetings to your manager retreats. These are the times to bring your teams together to offer true comradery & empowerment. Sessions on Service to Communication, unlock the issues that might be circling or plaquing your company culture today. Build amazing mission statements together as a unified team.

Custom Content

Sometimes you have a very specific need to address. Or it’s possible you may have an organization that is truly innovative and want to construct training outside of the box. Let me help you brainstorm and create the perfect training course for your teams. Branding your training to your mission statement - including embedded video instructional guidance.

"I have had the pleasure of working directly with Mark Howell. His personality and happy demeanor are contagious. He is funny and witty, and he always has something positive to say about others. His can-do work attitude allows him to find solutions to problems quickly. He is extremely creative, always finding new ways to make his current employer shine. He is determined to be the best at anything he does, and his training/teaching abilities are TOP NOTCH. 


I have tried to hire Mark again many times throughout the years and I am thrilled at the possibility of us working together in the near future!”

Becky Clardy

Chief Operating Officer, Life Properties

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